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Goldenberry is a supplementary evolutionary computation and feature selection add-on for Orange.

An example of a Goldenberry program to optimize a cost function using three diferent EDA widgets is shown in figure below. In that program, widgets are the components or processing units needed to perform the optimization task. Rather than depicting a data between these components, connections represent provision and consumption of services encapsulated as objects, which are associated with each input/output interface.

For instance, in this program the cGA, PBIL and UMDA widgets require a function to be optimized that is provided by the CostFunctionBuilder widget through three instances of the CostFunction object, one per EDA, each in charge of keeping statistics of the number of function evaluations and running times.

The EDA components are responsible of setting up the parameters of their corresponding algorithm and of providing a ready-to-use Optimizer that is in turn, consumed by the BlackBoxTester. The latter is in fact responsible of orchestrating the execution of these Optimizers, that is, of running each EDA algorithm (whose parameters, including cost function, must have been already defined and provided in their output interfaces before execution begins) and also of collecting and visualizing the final results. Parameter settings and data presentation are embodied within the the graphical user interface of the widgets, as we shall depict next sections. Intuitively, this programming paradigm is very much the same as building a hardware apparatus: the user first gather, connect and set-up the required units before switching-on the resulting device.

Goldenberry is hosted publicly under a BSD license. To install the software follow these steps:

1. Download and install latest Orange 2.7 from:
2. Get the latest Goldenberry release from the Downloads tab in (the download link is located to the
left side of the screen).
3. Unzip the downloaded file and execute the install.bat file.
4. Open the Orange application and look for the \Optimization" and \Learner"
toolbar in the canvas (as shown in next figure).


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